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How to Apply a Gradient Fill in Photoshop

The Gradient Tool creates a gradual blend between multiple colors. In this easy to follow guide, I will go through the steps required for you to apply the gradient fill to your artworks. After you have mastered how to apply the gradient fill, check out this article to learn how to create beautiful textured backgrounds… Read more »

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Dotted Brushes and Patterns

Most of us are very used to sourcing for Photoshop Brushes to be included in our artworks. But do you know that you can also find some very good quality Illustrators Brushes too? In this article, I have put together 18 of the best Illustrator brushes that were created by the community of wonderful designers… Read more »

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Adobe Illustrator MAc Keyboard Shortcuts

Find my Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts cheat sheet useful? Here I have created a cheat sheet to the Illustrator keyboard shortcuts for both Mac and Windows users and could be printed out for easy reference. Here’s a preview for the cheat sheet for Mac Keyboard: Here’s a preview for the cheat sheet for Windows Keyboard: Download… Read more »

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How to Work with Artboard in Illustrator - Create New Doc 1

Artboard refers to the area that contain the printable artwork. An Illustrator document can contains up to 100 artboards. This means that you can create an Illustrator document with up to 100 printable artworks to accommodate your project. So I will go through with you the basic of working with artboards. Here are the subtopics… Read more »