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Social media is currently the most powerful platform for internet marketing across the globe owing to the fact that billions of users live their virtual lives on these sites. The last decade saw the rapid rise in acceptance and popularity of the social media which opened up a whole new scope for internet marketing for businesses of all kinds.


Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube provide extremely low cost marketing tools through internet and mobile based technology to reach out to targeted audience instantaneously. These platforms provide a voice to the businesses where they can include a degree of personal interaction with customers.

Some advantages of using social media for business goals include:

  • Provides an ideal stage to show case the business and its products and services.
  • Direct relationship building with existing and prospective clients becomes easy on social media. Queries and feedback from the customers can be directly replied to build better client relationships which aid loyalty enhancement.
  • These platforms give a feeling of real to the businesses which otherwise seem to be distant entities that are not reachable. The outreach is vastly increased and the audience can be highly targeted on basis of location, language, age, gender and financial status.
  • A more focused and assessable marketing strategy can be planned out using the social media.

The Iconic Rise of Twitter

Twitter which today is one of the major social media players started off in 2006 when Jack Dorsey proposed a mass SMS system. When the first version of the application was launched in 2006, it had only 100 user accounts. From that kind of a humble beginning, Twitter today boasts 106 million users whose strength grows at a rate of 300000 per day sending out more than 56 millions tweets everyday. The search engine of Twitter gets more than 600 million queries everyday. This data provides the reason behind the demand to use twitter as an advertising platform to reach out to millions instantly.

How Your Business Can Use Twitter For Internet Marketing

In order to succeed amidst competition on the twitter you have to have a sound strategy in place which is backed by thorough research before venturing out.

Build Follower Base: This is the basic step as without it is no point twitting unless someone’s there to listen to you. This can be achieved by following other relevant twitter accounts, making use of the twitter search function to advertise or evening just buying authentic twitter followers.

Market the Business to Online Audience: This is the most difficult part as in any marketing campaign. However with a decent following one can increase social contact, share expertise and interact better with customers to build a convincing presence which shall subsequently be helpful for promoting your business.

Innovative Engage the Audience: Mere followers may not yield long term success unless you are able to hold attention through meaningful engagement. This can be achieved by making your tweets hot and your page in demand through hosting of special events and competitions that can interest audience on the net work.

Case Study – Starbucks

As a successful case study at Twitter, Starbuck, a reputed global coffee brand with more than 3 million followers and increasing by an average of more than 2000 every day has been able create a distinct niche for itself. The company’s tweets which are about 14000 every day don’t just talk of their products but on several other issues such latest apps, upcoming events, personal views of followers, health and wellness as well as forums for discussions to keep up interest of the audience. It has a whole e-team of twitters who engage the followers, take feedback and complaints and offer instant solutions to customers.

Social media such as Twitter can also be extremely handy for start ups with limited marketing budgets to reach out more effectively if used smartly.

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