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With the Internet and the World Wide Web revolution, many businesses, big and small, have taken their operations online. For a business to make sales online, web traffic is important. Web traffic is the amount of visitors that visit your website. To increase online sales, businesses must first employ techniques of directing traffic to its website.In… Read more »

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Google continues to upset the status quo with its search algorithm updates like the Google Panda and Google Penguin. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts are hinting at the doom of the industry, as you know it today, with claims that there is no longer the need to optimize your websites for search engines. Industry leading voices like Matt… Read more »

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Staying focused in this highly competitive world and bringing in new customers is critical for any businesses today. You should have a marketing medium that is not only cost effective, but also allows you to remain in touch with your prospects and target markets on 24/7 basis. You can accomplish this easily with the help… Read more »

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Blogging has come a long way before it had been just a mere platform for people who love writing to express themselves, write about their day, the places they went to, the items they used, and a lot more. Basically, a blog is just like an online diary. As time goes by, people learn to… Read more »