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“Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put this plan in action.” – Napoleon Hill Action trumps everything. Those who take action, before their words, are the same people who achieve their goals in life. Napoleon Hill was an American author in the… Read more »

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A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. – Albert Einstein If you are not constantly testing new boundaries and making new mistakes, there is never a chance for you to know your true potential. Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist who developed the general theory of relativity, effecting a revolution… Read more »

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Google AdSense is a hassle-free and flexible way to make money by showing relevant ads on your website. It is free to join and Google will pay you for impressions or clicks on the ads that your website displays. There are platforms like SpeedyAds and Stack Exchange in the market that also pays you for displaying ads on your website…. Read more »

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If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right.

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” – Henry Ford Our minds can be our greatest friend and enemy. Be conscious of your thoughts, they may either work for or against you. Henry Ford was an American industrialist, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, and sponsor… Read more »