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How to Work with Artboard in Illustrator - Create New Doc 1

Artboard refers to the area that contain the printable artwork. An Illustrator document can contains up to 100 artboards. This means that you can create an Illustrator document with up to 100 printable artworks to accommodate your project. So I will go through with you the basic of working with artboards. Here are the subtopics… Read more »

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Create Your Own Custom Art Brush - Select Art Brush

Before I show you how to create your own custom Art brush in Illustrator, let me first introduce to you the types of brushes available in Illustrator. Unlike in previous versions of Illustrators where there are only four types of brushes (Calligraphic, Art, Pattern, and Scatter), in Illustrator CS5 and later, Adobe has added in… Read more »

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How to Use Burn and Dodge Tool in Photoshop - Before and After Image

There are many ways to enhance your photos. One such way is to ‘burn’ and ‘dodge’ the photos in Photoshop. In this guide, I will show you how to enhance your photos using Photoshop’s Burn and Dodge Tool. Now you might ask – what exactly is ‘burning’ and ‘dodging’? To make things simple, ‘burn’ is… Read more »

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Night Light Brushes

Let’s move beyond those default Photoshop Brushes that came pre-installed, and spice up our designs with these free Photoshop brush sets! Links to other articles on free Photoshop brushes: 10 Photoshop Cloud Brushes 11 Free Photoshop Grunge Brushes 12 Photoshop Fractal Brush 1. Smoke Brush A brilliant collection of 21 astounding smoke brushes by Graham Jeffery. 2. Kinetic Brush… Read more »