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Google Analytics is a web analytics software for website owners to track and analyze data pertaining to their website.

For a website owner, having first hand knowledge on the performance of a website is important as it can help you ascertain the next cause of action. With Google analytics, you can gain insights to many little things of your website.

We’ll take a look at some of the common things you can track with Google Analytics below.

Number of Visits
The total number of visits to your website.

Number of Unique Visitors
The total number of unique persons that visit your website.

Number of Pages/Visit
The number of pages that your visitors view each time they come to your website. If your website has many pages but this value is not high, it could indicate that your website has poor navigation.

Average Visit Duration
The average time each visitor stays on your website. If this value is low, your website may be not engaging your visitors enough.

Bounce Rate
The percentage of visitors that leave your website right after they enter. If the value is high, it is a strong indication that your content is irrelevant to what your visitors are looking for.

% of New Visits vs Return Visits
The percentage of new visitors to returning visitors. Use this to gauge if you’re getting in more new visitors or repeated visits. It is also a good way to gauge if your remarketing strategy is working.

Country of your Visitors
Where your visitors come from (eg. Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, etc)

Language of your Visitors
The language that your visitors use (eg. English, Chinese, etc)

Operating System that your Visitors Use
The operating system that your visitors use (eg. Windows, Mac OS X, Android, etc)

Browser that your Visitor Use
The web browser that your visitors use (eg. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc).

Search Keywords Used to Find Your Website
The keywords that your visitors use to find your website. This is very useful especially if you’re doing search engine optimisation (SEO) or paid search advertising.

Referral Websites that your Visitors Came From
The websites that referred the traffic to you. If you have affiliates, you can use this to gauge how well the affiliate websites are bringing you traffic.

Landing Page
The first page that your visitors land on when they visit your website.

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