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“Content is King” is the most popular phrase that floats around the Internet today. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, coined this term in an article he published in 1996 whereby he gave his opinions on where much of the money would be made on the Internet today. He summed it up in that article that content would be one of the most important factors to being successful online.

Content can be referred to as the resources that could help you sell your products and services. Content in the virtual world can be compared to as the billboards, storefront designs, and anything that helps convey a brand’s message in the physical world. Utilizing as many methods as possible to create useful contents will help us succeed in the virtual world.

This makes Internet, the platform for displaying and marketing content in the virtual world, a little more important. Marketing content and making money on the Internet requires marketing skills. So here are the three common types of content we can create for our online marketing strategy.


Writing articles is probably the most popular method among all online marketing strategies. Search engines feed on content and articles provide that in abundance. Having articles also help provides a level of credibility to your business. It is extremely important to write all your articles with the intention of human readers. Some people may have the tendency to write with the intent of appealing to search engines, but do keep in mind that search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! are not the ones who are going to call you to buy your products and services. Keywords are important, but if you saturate your entire article with keywords you may lose the focus of your articles, which will do more harm than good in the end.

Professional Images

Although articles are a great form of content to help you present your products and services to your potential customers, their minds might be painting a totally different picture to what you intend to present in the article. Imagine you are the seller of a vase. You can write an article on the vase, using many proper technical terms to describe your vase. Here’s an example of how you might describe your vase:

 “A red open container made of lacquer, carved with designs that resemble roses selling at $100. The vase has a disc-like of about 10mm in height on the opening and a neck height of 30mm. The base of the vase is in the shape of a sphere with 15mm radius.”

Will you buy this vase? I know I won’t.

Now, if you have an idea of how you want the audience to view your products and services, you really want the audience to see it as well. You can always do so by including an image in your content and hope that the image will help convince the audiences purchase it.


Lastly, using videos take your content marketing to a whole new dimension. You might ask, “Are videos really considered content?” Well, short answer is yes. Remember, in the virtual world, content is all about delivering information. Just like how an image helps your customers “see” your products and gives them a reason to buy, a video can helps make the content more personalized, and gives depth to what you are trying to convey.

On top of that, remember that no one likes to be sold. As such, instead of structuring your content to sell your products and services and turn some of your customers away; try creating content that helps your audience to acquire knowledge. Who knows, if they like the content that you have created, they will be willing to help you share your content and gain more exposure.

This means to say that content marketing is not a once off advertising campaign. The process of creating content for content marketing is a long-term effort that helps provide information that many of us as audiences desire.

The more tips, and information you share, the greater your chances of obtaining a loyal user base, and who may eventually customers.

Have fun creating great content for your business. If you like this article, do share it with your friends.

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