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A domain name is an alias that translates to an IP address on the Internet. By default, every computer connected to the Internet are identified by an IP address like A domain name translates this string of numbers into something more humanly and memorable so that we can easily remember.

Domain Name

We usually see a domain name appearing on a website URL like or email address like

Each domain name has a suffix which represents the top level domain (TLD) it belongs to. An example of such suffixes includes, .gov which represents government agencies, .org which represents organization and the most popular .com which represents commercial entities.

Choosing a domain name serves the same purpose and importance as choosing a business name, this can be illustrated by a number of businesses who have changed their business names into their domain names as it is more recognised by people than the business name.

It is therefore important and wise to consider the following tips when choosing a domain name for a website:


The ideal domain name to choose for your website is your business name. For example, if your business name is called General Top, would be a perfect domain name that you can use. This is because when people look for your website, the first natural thing that comes to their mind is your business name. Thus it is not strange to find customers typing in your business name with a .com at the end to see if that’s your website.


It is also important to avoid bad word combinations in a domain name. Once you have figured out the domain name you want, you should get someone else to look at it. It is best if this person has no knowledge of your business and business name. This way, you could get an honest opinion on how your domain name is perceived by other people.

For example, a business located in downtown and selling pants would not be favoured by a domain name such as, hence the words combination should be considered carefully.


The special character is also another important aspect to look out for in your domain name. The only characters commonly allowed in a domain name are the alphanumeric and hyphen characters. It is advisable to find out whether another company uses the same domain name minus the special characters and if such other businesses are competitors. This is because a customer might type in the correct domain name but forget to include the special character. In such an instance, they would end up in a competitor’s website.

For example if your business deals with smartphones, your company’s domain name may probably be which looks fine. On the other hand, another business dealing in the same trade could have as their domain name. In such cases, it is highly possible for a customer to end up in your competitor’s website when they accidentally omit the hyphen character. It is therefore important to find out if the special characters used would affect your business on that front.


Lastly, it is also important to consider the length of your domain name. Very long domain names are not very appealing as they take long to type, are prone to typos and are as well not easy to remember. It’s therefore advisable to stick to shorter domain names preferably less than 10 characters. For instance if a business name or website relates to a consulting business, a website reading is easier to understand and is more appealing than one like

We hope you find these tips useful. Share your thoughts with us below or drop us an email if you need any advise. Do also check out our business email services if you’re looking for one.

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