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Most of us are very used to sourcing for Photoshop Brushes to be included in our artworks. But do you know that you can also find some very good quality Illustrators Brushes too? In this article, I have put together 18 of the best Illustrator brushes that were created by the community of wonderful designers out there.

1. Vector Brushes: Free

Vector Brushes Free
Mattox Shuler had designed these vector brushes for Illustrator that would be perfect for creating textures and backgrounds.

2. Illustrator Grunge Brushes

Illustrator Grunge Brushes
This delightful collection of brushes delivers an excellent grunge feeling for your Illustrator projects.

3. Marker Pen Strokes Al Brushes

Marker Pen Strokes Al Brushes
This set of brushes contains 68 high quality Illustrator brushes that work great to recreate marker pen strokes and scribbles.

4. Brush Set

Brush Set
This brush set is great for giving a different look and feel to your typographies and illustrations.

5. Brushes for Wireframing

Brushes for Wireframing
Here’s an awesome brush set that is great for any wireframing process.

6. Rope Brush

Rope Brush
An excellent brush created by lucasribeiro.

7. Paper Tooth Brush Set

Paper Tooth Brush Set
This collection contains 4 different brushes for Adobe Illustrator that are great at giving your illustrations a ‘printed edge’.

8. Illustrator Brushes – Circles

Illustrator Brushes - Circles
This set of brushes features 4 shapes that can be , suitable for web banners, web page headers, and e-cards.

9. Illustrator Chalk Brushes

Illustrator Chalk Brushes
A collection of 12 chalk brushes for Illustrator. Perfect for recreating that old school look.

10. Vector Snowflakes EPS and Brush

Vector Snowflakes EPS and Brush
This brilliant collection contains 10 vector snowflakes Illustrator brushes.

11. Lace Illustrator Brush

Lace Illustrator Brush
These beautiful and elegant laces could be used to as borders for your upcoming projects. Do not that these are not for commercial use or profit.

12. Circles and Drips Brushes

Circles and Drips Brushes
A brilliant set of brushes suitable for adding some grunge elements to your artwork.

13. Bling Illustrator Style Kit

Bling Illustrator Style Kit
A great vector resource for adding some bling to your projects.

14. Paint Brushstroke Illustrator Brushes

Paint Brushstroke Illustrator Brushes
This brush set contains 15 high quality paint brushstrokes.

15. Illustrator Brushes – Bolts and Screw Heads

Illustrator Brushes-Bolts and Screw Heads
This set is great for adding that extra detail you need for your wooden planks in your illustrations.

16. Dotted Brushes and Patterns

Dotted Brushes and Patterns
This collection contains 2 .ai files, one containing 4 brushes and the other containing 5 patterns. A wonderful collection to use for creating cute artworks.

17. Realistic Opacity Art Brushes

Realistic Opacity Art Brushes
A wonderful collection of 8 brushes with various thickness and transparency level.

18. Chalk Texture Brushes

Chalk Texture Brushes
A collection of very detailed chalk textured brushes.

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