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Creating a new piece artwork from scratch is never easy. Therefore I have sourced out 12 great Photoshop fractal brush sets that can help you to save some precious time.

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1. Abstract Brush

Abstract Brush
A brilliant brush set created by Designerbrush. Great for adding futuristic look to your designs.

2. Fractal Brushes

Fractal Brushes
This lovely collection contains 12 high-resolution brushes, suitable for spicing up your designs.

3. Abstract XI

Abstract XI
This set of brushes contains 4 wonderful fractal brushes created by

4. Abstract Brush Vol. 11

Abstract Brush Vol 11
This pack contains 5 large brushes suitable for both web and print works.

5. Decorative Fractal Brushes

Decorative Fractal Brushes
A set of 14 large decorative fractal brushes that enables you to create abstract designs for your works.

6. Fractal Brush Set 02

Fractal Brush Set 02
Here’s a collection of fractal brushes created by ekamanganese.

7. Light Shape Mega Pack (Brushes+stock)

Light Shape Mega Pack
A wonderful set of 50 brushes that would be useful to creating abstract wallpapers for your designs.

8. Fractal Brushes Set

Fractal Brushes Set
This collection contains 15 fractal brushes.

9. Flower Fractal Brushes

Flower Fractal Brushes
A magnificent collection of fractal brushes that are created to resemble blooming flowers.

10. Fractal Brushes Set 06

Fractal Brushes Set 06
An awesome set of fractal brushes for Photoshop.

11. Radiant Brush Set

Radiant Brush Set
This is the prefect fractal brush set for you if you are looking for a brush set that contains some grunge elements. This brush set contains large brushes (1000 pixel width) that are great for print and web projects.

12. Fractal V Brushes

Fractal V Brushes
A useful selection of 6 various fractal styled brushes.

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