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Creating your own Photoshop brushes can be a very taxing and time consuming task for even the most professional designer. Therefore in this article, I’ve managed to source for 11 free Photoshop smoke brushes.

Links to other articles on free Photoshop brushes:

1. Heart Shaped Smoke Brushes

1-Heart Shaped Smoke Brushes

This lovely collection of 8 smoke brushes created by brushlovers is great for various designs related to love.

2. Revnart Smoke Brushes

2-Revnart Smoke Brushes
This gorgeous brush set contains 30 high resolution smoke brushes that are great to be included in your art projects.

3. Abstract Particle Smoke

3-Abstract Particle Smoke
This versatile collection contains 148 high resolution Photoshop smoke brushes that looks great when used together with other smoke brushes.

4. Smoke Brushes

Smoke Brushes
There are 37 smoke brushes, ranging from cigarette streaks to vortexes, in this collection.

5. Real Smoke Photoshop Brushes

Real Smoke Photoshop Brushes
This lovely collection contains 108 naturally shaped smoke brushes are great when used individually and/or together. Stack them together for a more stunning effect.

6. Smoke Brushes – Six

Smoke Brushes - Six
Here are 6 brilliant smoke brushes created by PerpetualStudios.

7. Smoke Brush Set

Smoke Brush Set
This amazing brush set was created with photos of smoke from a candle.

8. Thick Curly Smoke Brushes

8-Thick Curly Smoke Brushes
Here’s an remarkable collection of 21 high resolution smoke brushes that you can use to create powerful and dramatic effects for your designs.

9. Smoke Brushes

Smoke Brushes
This excellent set of smoke brushes are great to be included in backgrounds for your designs.

10. Smoke Brushes Set 1

Smoke Brushes Set 1
This stunning smoke brush set are free to use and are great to add for adding smokey effects to your design.

11. Smoke Brushes

Smoke Brushes
These brushes are 2500px in resolution and are perfect to be used in print, web, and video projects. Here’s the link to download these brushes.

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